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Saturday, October 15

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2 PM Dwarves of Doom Unleashed

Our Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout is back, tweaked, and better than ever. Tap starts flowing and bottle sales begin when our doors open.

3-6 PM Box Battle Basho

Create. Destroy. Celebrate.

Welcome to Box Battle Basho: build armor and weapons or just a wild costume entirely out of cardboard at home, bring it to Rabid, be judged among peers, enter into battle, destroy all the armor and weapons, and drink to the ephemeral joys of art and life.

Entrants will create armor, costumes, and vehicles entirely out of used cardboard, glue, and duct tape. When the proceedings begin, all entrants will be judged and winners will be awarded. Then war begins! The Rabid Beer Field is the battleground where entrants collide and destroy each other’s cardboard creations until they have all been crumpled into an unrecognizable heap of joyful memories.

8 PM Live Music Event:
Skirt - Logo.png
Skirt live 1.jpeg

Ska Pop Reggae


Pop-Rock summoned from the Nineties

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