UPDATED: Thursday, July 30 - 2020
Weather Permitting
Wednesday & Thursday  4PM - 10PM
Friday & Saturday 4PM - 12PM
Sunday 3PM - 9PM
The Rabid Beer field is a 7,000 Square Foot outdoor field Designed to keep everyone safe while having a great time.
beers exclusive to the Beer Field are available.
To-Go Beers Available
Whiro - 7% - HAzy IPA
Shadowstepper - 7% - Chocolate Milk Stout
Mystis - 5.6% - Blueberry Lemonade Sour
Dripping Teats - 6.66% - Lactose IPA
Hemogoblin - 7% - Chocolate Blood Orange Wheat
Highway Star - 11% - Dixie highway Trail Collaboration Stout
2019 Manticore - 12.5% - Imperial Kveik Stout



During the Covid Lockdown our Curbside Pickup is Tuesday - Saturday 4PM-7PM

Rabid Brewing was established on October 13, 2017, in Homewood, IL.

We are purveyors of the hedonistic arts.

Our taproom holds 100 heathens and often includes Brazen Bards.

We have limited food offerings to supplement your main course of Beer.



Wednesday - 4 to 10

Thursday - 4 to 10

friday - 4 to 12

Saturday - 4 to 12

Sunday - 3 to 9

There are mad gods about. Cease reading these words and find strength in our beer.


  what we do  

Stupid-delicious Beer


Look, we're not going to pussyfoot on this one. We're a Brewery and the only good reason to have a brewery is to make the most kickass beverages in the galaxy. Sadly, many fail at this.

Asylum and celebration


People find that hanging in our taproom is a place where zen and madness find friendship.

And Music. And Beer.

Stunning Events


Beer Yoga. Goat Parties. Punk, Metal, Rock, and Hip Hop Concerts. Shake your fists with total Unabashed glee.


    Contact us    

17759 Bretz Dr

Homewood, IL


Tel: 708-960-3193​

We swear, Bretz is a real street!

It's the northmost unit, right BEHIND Home Depot and Jewel.

© 2018 by Rabid Brewing, LLC - Rabid God, LLC

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