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Saturday, JuLY 23, 2022
2pm - 12AM

Rabid Brewing's Feast of the Goat Queen is the most fascinating and bonkers fest in Chicago's South Suburbs, celebrating Floralia with fae costumes, new beers, live goats, live music, food trucks, and an artisan market of the natural, mystical, and magical.

Featuring 5
New Brews

What would a fest be without something entirely new to try? We'll have the monster 16.5% Horus Reborn on tap, but entirely new brews will be dropping this day.

Live Music

Catch some of our favorite live acts that are some of the best original new music coming out of Chicagoland today.

The Land Before Tim 5

9:30 PM

Original Chicago Ska-core - Will Make Loins Quiver
The Tomblands

8:30 PM

Massive Chicago Garage Psych - Will melt brains
Tomblands Live.jpeg
AM Howler

7:30 PM

Soulful Chicago Heights blues - will Drop Jaws
jj am howler mask.png
Artisan Fair

Carefully curated artists from Chicagoland and as far as New York will be present to provide a unique shopping experience of the natural, mystical, and magical.

Fae Costumes

Like a renfaire for the fae folk, attendees are encouraged to dress like elves, satyrs, wood nymphs, goblins, brownies, etc. Leaf wreaths, pointy ears, or a pair of horns fit right in. The Goat Queen and her flock of fae will be a spectacle on hand to greet you.

Live Goats

Contrary to some beliefs, there will be no eating of goats. But there will be live goats abound! Have a beer, pet a baby goat. Blow kisses at the goats. Tell goat stories.

Food Trucks

Speaking of not eating goats, there WILL be food trucks! More info coming soon.

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